-Age: 36
-Birthday: April 9th, 1977
-I was 10 years old when I decided I wanted to be the best runner in the world…. 26 years later, I may not have accomplished that goal, but in the process of doing my best, I’ve learned that “success is a journey, not a destination”. And I’ve truly enjoyed the journey.
-1995: 1st place 1600 state track championships: 4:28
1st place 3200 state track championships: 9:41
-1995-1997: Attended College of Southern Idaho (CSI) junior college where I was All-American in cross-country and steeplechase.
-1997-2007: Worked many jobs, always putting my running ahead of getting a “real career”, my favorite being a youth supervisor at a program for troubled youth. I had good days, bad days, good years, bad years. Through it all though, I managed to put together a half decent resume.
-Half-marathon PR: 1:04 (downhill course I admit)
-Marathon: 2:16:39
-Pikes Peak Ascent: 2:15:12
-By the end of 2007, I had become frustrated with the mediocre results I had amassed over the years (by my standards), and decided to completely rebuild my training from the ground up.
-June 2008: World record for the fastest lunge mile: 24:56 (not officially recognized by Guinness because of witness statement paperwork errors)
-October 2008: Lunge mile with 40 lb. weight vest: 34:01 (Guinness denied my request to make that a category)
-March 2009: 4:40 mile with 40 lb. weight vest
-April 2009: Salt Lake City, Utah 5-k: 17:36 with 40 lb. weight vest
-The remainder of 2009-2010, I was plagued with injuries and for the first time in my life, 5 months before my 34th birthday I decided that I had given it my all. I would race a few marathons in 2011, hopefully make a few thousand dollars, and then retire my dream and get a real career. And then a miracle happened. Here I was training my best, hoping that I would perform well for the few marathons that I would do the next summer knowing that they would be my last, when I was introduced to this new sport called Obstacle Racing. Some crazy guy named Joe Desena was offering $100,000 to anyone that could win all of his “Spartan” races in the US in 2011. As “luck” would have it, I just happened to be doing high intensity upper body workouts along with my running at the time so I wouldn’t have to run outside in the dark every day. That coupled with my strength based running program, had me believing that I might just excel at this kind of race.
So, my wife and I decided to make a go at it and spent everything we had signing up for the first race, buying contacts, and paying for the gas to get there. And I must say it was worth it. For the first time in I couldn’t even tell you how many years, I felt like a kid again. Never had a race proved to be as uniquely challenging, exciting and fun as this one. Immediately I knew I had found my sport. Road racing, trail running, and triathlons just didn’t compare. For the first time after the race people weren’t standing around talking about their times or how many miles they run a week, they actually talked about the race itself.
Getting to the next few races proved to be quite challenging. Just paying the rent month to month had been difficult enough, now we needed to find a way to travel the country. We sold our only TV to pay for the plane ticket to one race, sold our RC cars and had a fundraising bake sale to buy the ticket to another. Before long people were chipping in a little here and a little there and offering to let me stay with them so I wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. Knowing that we had nothing, just the idea of getting to each race seemed an impossible challenge, let alone having the energy to win them after working a full week and traveling such distances.
But, I somehow managed to win 6 races in a row from California to Miami, to New York City. I had never traveled so much in my life. The cold of the Death Race proved to be my demise though and I was out of the running for the $100,000. By then though, Spartan had decided I was an OK guy and agreed to pay my travel expenses to get me to the rest of the races.
-Since February 2011, I have participated in 41 Obstacle Races:
(34) 1st place finish
(2) 2nd place finish
(1) 10th place finish
(1) DNF
(3) Ran for fun, didn’t “race”
1st place: 2/26 Socal Spartan Super
1st place: 3/12 Arizona Spartan Super
1st place: 3/26 Texas Spartan Sprint
1st place: 4/23 Florida Spartan Super
1st place: 4/30 Georgia Spartan Sprint
1st place: 6/4 NY Tri-State Spartan Sprint
DNF: 6/25 Spartan Death Race
1st place: 7/9 Utah Spartan Super
10th place: 8/6 Vermont Spartan Beast
1st place: 8/27 Massachusetts Spartan Sprint
1st place: 9/10 Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint
1st place: 9/24 NY Staten Island Spartan Super
1st place: 10/15 Midwest Spartan Sprint
1st place: 11/19 Malibu Spartan Sprint
1st place: 12/3 Texas Spartan Super
1st place: 1/28 SoCal Spartan Super
2/11 Arizona Spartan Super tethered to my wife Irene
1st place: 2/25 Florida Spartan Super
1st place: 3/10 Georgia Spartan Sprint
1st place: 3/24 Miami Superhero Scramble
4/21 Indiana Spartan Sprint: Ran with Corn Fed team
1st place: 5/5 Colorado Spartan Sprint
1st place: 5/19 Texas Spartan Sprint
1st place: 6/2 NY Tri-State Spartan Sprint
6/9 Colorado Tough Mudder with Ray Upshaw
1st place: 6/16 Pacific Northwest Spartan Sprint
1st place: 6/30 Utah Spartan Beast
1st place: 7/14 Pennsylvania Spartan Sprint
1st place: 7/28 North Florida Superhero Scramble
1st place: 8/25 Mid-Atlantic Spartan Super
2nd place: 9/22 Vermont Spartan Beast
1st place: 11/17 Sacramento Spartan Beast
1st place: 12/1 Malibu Spartan Sprint
1st place: 12/8 Texas Spartan Beast
1st place: 1/26 Temecula Super Spartan
1st place: 2/9 Arizona Spartan Sprint
1st place: 3/9 Georgia Spartan Sprint
1st place: 4/6 Las Vegas Super Spartan
1st place: 4/27 Georgia Superhero Scramble
1st place: 5/18 Texas Spartan Sprint
2nd place: 5/25 Central Florida Superhero Scramble

Top of Utah Marathon Course Record

Top of Utah Marathon Course Record
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1 Mile Lunge Record Video

1 Mile Lunge Record
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1 Mile Lunge Record

1 Mile Lunge Record
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Texas Spartan Race

By Irene Call

Hobie went to Texas this weekend to participate in the Texas Spartan Race. It was a 3+ mile race with obstacles throughout. He won with a time of 28:18, 2nd Andre Miller 33:46, 3rd Shane Clinger 34:12. This is the 3rd race of the Spartan series. Hobie is on his way to winning all of these races plus the Death Race to earn $100,000. The races are all over the U.S. and go all year long. Hobie won the 1st race in SoCal. and the 2nd in Arizona already. You can see all the races and info at

Hobie loves to share his knowledge on nutrition and running with anyone who will listen. He says he will keep no secrets and loves the challenge of competing against everyone.

Spartan Race Arizona

Spartan Race Arizona
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SoCal Spartan Race

Spartan Race
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